Finasteride for male hair loss: online available at MENSCRIPT

Finasteride is a medication to treat androgenetic alopecia. A medical term used to describe male pattern baldness, also known as”male hair loss. Finasteride is both the desired and most efficient treatment available. It’s actually the only treatment which stops the loss of male hair right at its source (excl. dutasteride)

The loss of male hair is caused by dihydrotesterone which is the male hormone commonly referred to as DHT. Hair follicles, which come in contact with DHT are unable to grow thick and long hair with time. Instead, hair gets shorter and thinner. This can take several years, but can lead eventually to hair loss and hair loss.

The great thing is that a tablet of 1 mg of finasteride decreases your amount of DHT by 70 percent. This is enough that it stops hair loss for 8/10 of men.

As we mentioned, finasteride is a medication, so it is necessary to have a prescription. The men of the UK and in the Netherlands can obtain one with ease via Menscript is a Health Clinic for Men providing customized treatment plans and prescriptions on the internet.

You can get started with an online consultation by visiting their website. It asks you to answer certain questions, after which the physician will review your answers and issue prescriptions, if required. The process is simple and takes just less than a minute to complete. The treatment will be delivered with a complimentary 2-day shipping to your doorstep.

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